Konark Anudaan 365

Konark Cancer Foundation provides logistical support such as finding shelter, providing voluntary support and guiding needy outstation cancer patients coming to Tata Memorial Hospital (T.M.H.) for treatment However, we have noticed that a large number of patients, especially children affected with blood cancer and patients requiring a sophisticated treatment, cannot afford the expenses resulting in avoidable mortality. By and large, if proper treatment is provided at the proper time, the chances of patients recovering increase substantially. Though Tata Memorial Hospital has a system of charging certain patients and categorising “paying” patients and “free” patients, even then, expenses such as diagnostic tests, surgeries, costly life surviving medicines, do require additional funds which even well-to- do patients, find it difficult to manage.

T.M.H. has a cell which processes and screens each and every such case minutely taking into account the survival factor, cost of treatment, financial position of the patient etc. and informs the registered donor NGO’s or willing individuals regarding the donations they wish to make and keeps systematic records of expenditure in each case. Konark Cancer Foundation in partnership with the Tata Memorial Hospital endeavours to assist such needy cancer patients with its “Konark Anudaan – 365” scheme, whereby individual donors or firm pledge a lump sum towards treatment expenses of such cancer patients. The above amount is deposited in a separate dedicated account operated by the Konark Cancer Foundation.

As and when the aforesaid special cell of Tata Memorial Hospital sends a request for funds for a particular patient, KCF remits the requisite amount, subject to a maximum of Rupees one lakh per patient, to the Tata Memorial Hospital after intimation to the particular doner. These donors are periodically updated with details of the treatment expenses, etc of the particular patient and his/her health status. The donors, apart from directly assisting in the treatment of the specific cancer patient also have free access to the patient and his/her relatives, and can visit them in the hospital if they wish to. Konark Cancer Foundation provides online updates about the patient and details of expenses incurred on each such patient, on a real time basis.